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Book summary:

The Hot Freshman 15 Series is based on the experiences of fifteen high school freshman girls placed on list by a group of boys at Rose school. The first installment in the series features Felicia Moore B.K.A. #15 FeFe the Hot Librarian. Felicia is a shy young woman that loves to write poetry. After being placed on the list, she ends up dating the Captain of the Basketball team. Dating a popular jock brings its own set of problems. There is nothing like dealing with jealous girls as Felicia soon finds out. Felicia’s world gets flipped upside down, and she has to make some hard fast decisions about her loyalty to her new friends or to herself.

Book excerpt:

I didn’t expect what would happen on the first day of school. I thought that someone would smack a book out of my hand. That always happened to the bookworm, star trek watching types like me. Lately, my body started changing. Boys would stare at me and ask for my number. I always had to deal with the cat calling or girls asking me why I was looking at their boyfriend. I had no idea that this boy named Anthony that liked me would stand outside of registration and jot my name down on a list. This wasn’t just any list. It was the list of all lists. He gave me an alias along with fourteen other girls. Then he forwarded the list out to his friends. Then they forwarded the list out to their friends, and so on and so forth. This went on for two hours until everyone in school had the list including some teachers. It was official. I was ranked #15 on what they were calling, The Hot Freshman 15 List. That list made me the target of every hood rat, every popular female upperclassman that felt threatened, and every guy that wanted me to fulfill some bizarre fantasy by being their girl. It would have just been prudent to place a bulls eye on my back or place me in front of a firing squad. I was no longer Felicia Moore that loved writing, star trek nerd that wanted to go to college. I was now known from the first day of school and beyond as:

#15 FeFe The Hot Librarian (She could read to me anytime.)

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